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This page contains examples of action hooks in Advanced Ads you can use to react to changes of the ad status, e.g., when publishing an ad or when it expires.

Known use cases for the filters presented here are:

  • remove an expired ad to the trash
  • send an email when an ad expires
  • refresh your site cache after an ad was published or expired

Please note that these hooks fire in the backend and frontend.

The actions fired by the hooks are just examples. You can exchange them with your own code. For further information on the parameters used by the hooks you should look them up in the source code of Advanced Ads.


This action hook fires when an ad status changes from anything else to publish.

/** * Clear WP Rocket domain cache when an ad is published * source: https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/494-how-to-clear-cache-via-cron-job */ add_action( 'advanced-ads-ad-status-published', function() { if ( function_exists( 'rocket_clean_domain' ) ) { rocket_clean_domain(); } });
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This action hook fires when an ad status changes from publish to anything else, including expiring ads.

/** * Clear W3 Total Cache when an ad is unpublished * source: https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/browser/w3-total-cache/trunk/w3-total-cache-api.php */ add_action( 'advanced-ads-ad-status-unpublished', function() { if ( function_exists( 'w3tc_flush_all' ) ) { w3tc_flush_all(); } });
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This dynamic action hook allows you to react on any specific status changes, e.g, when the ad changes from draft to publish, you can hook into advanced-ads-ad-status-draft-to-publish.


This hook fires when an ad expires in the frontend due to an expiry date.

/** * Send an email when an ad expired */ add_action( 'advanced-ads-ad-expired', function( $ad_id, $ad ) { $ad_id = absint( $ad_id ); $ad_title = isset( $ad->title ) ? esc_html( $ad->title ) : false; if( ! $ad_id || ! $ad_title ) { return; } $subject = "Ad $ad_id expired. What now?"; $message = "Your ad $ad_title expired. What would you like to do now? Check out the ad edit link below. \n"; $message .= get_edit_post_link( $ad_id, false ); wp_mail( 'thomas@wpadvancedads.com', $subject, $message ); }, 10, 2 );
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