This page lists common issues we came across when using Google Ad Manager on your site. They can happen whether you are using our Google Ad Manager Integration or placing the GAM tags manually.

You can find common issues related to placing Google Ad Manager using our WordPress plugin on this page.

Always wait 30 minutes

Changes made in your Google Ad Manager can take time until they are visible on your site. We find that only after 30 minutes you can be sure that your change should be visible on your site.

If you made a change on your site and not in your Google Ad Manager account then make sure to clear your website cache.

Re-using the same ad units

While the same ad units can be used multiple times on a page, you would need to make sure that the following is true:

  • Every creative can only be displayed once per page. If you want to deliver it multiple times, you would need to duplicate the creative multiple times in the line item and check out the next suggestion on this list.
  • By default, a line item only delivers one creative per page. If you have multiple ad units delivering ads from the line item, only one will show an ad. If you have multiple creatives in the same line item, you must set the option Adjust delivery > Display creatives in the line item’s settings to “As many as possible”.

Responsive AdSense ads are too small

When using Google AdSense ads through Google Ad Manager, the ads can be smaller than when placing the AdSense tags directly on your site. This happens because Google Ad Manager ad units have fixed sizes and don’t expand as dynamically as responsive AdSense ads do.

The solution is either to create bigger sizes of the Google Ad Manager ad units that contain the AdSense ads or place AdSense ads directly on your site.