On the stats page of the Tracking add-on, you find a link to the database management. On that page, you can export, optimize or remove ad stats. The following page contains all the information you need to know about these features.

Please note, that all these options only work for stats made with Advanced Ads locally, but not if you are using the Google Analytics tracking.

Backup first

All the actions on this page will change your database. Please make sure that you have a recent backup of your tables, especially the tables ending with advads_impressions and advads_clicks.

Backups are created automatically by many hosting providers, but can also be managed manually using a backup plugin.

Export stats

export ad stats options

You can export your stats in the CSV format to work with them in another program like Excel or run your own scripts through them.

You can also export the stats to remove them afterward and then display them on the stats page when choosing file instead of database as the stats source.

Compress stats

compress ad stats option

Advanced Ads Tracking gives a warning if any table reaches 100.000 rows or more. While this is not really large, it might slow down your site or reach some limits on cheap hosting plans.

The plugin creates a row per hour and ad. A site with 10 active ads would, therefore, reach 87,600 rows within one year (365 days * 24 hours * 10 ads). Depending on the number of ads, you can reach this number sooner or later.

The reason the tracking works per hour is that you can still change the time zone setting later and the stats will show for the correct date.

Compressing the stats combines all 24 rows for the hours of a day into one single row for the whole day with the time zone currently set on your site.

The compression doesn’t have any effect on the visible stats.

Remove old stats

remove ad stats option

As stated, this option allows you to completely remove old stats for a given period.

You can export your stats before removing them to later have access through the export file.