Edit button for ads in the frontend

Advanced Ads comes with an Edit button in the frontend that shows up when your mouse cursor stops for more than one second over the ad.

A click on the edit button leads you to the ad edit page in your backend. It is simpler now to find the right ad even if it appears in a rotating group or automatically injected placement.

You can see the edit button at the top left on the following screenshot.

Ad with edit button

There are a few things to know about this.

  • The button is only added to the source code of your website when visited by a logged-in user who has ad management rights. No normal visitor can either see it nor even find a trace of it in your source code.
  • The button is only added when the ad uses a container. That happens for all placements and for ads that use options like Margin, Position, or custom Class. An ad placed using a shortcode or one that is directly assigned to a widget would not have an edit button. It also doesn’t work for Google AdSense Auto ads.
  • You can disable the edit button by setting the ADVANCED_ADS_DISABLE_EDIT_BAR constant. See this example.

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