You can download your add-ons after the purchase from:

  • the confirmation page that shows up right after the purchase
  • the purchase receipt sent via email
  • your account

If you have issues with the automatic update of the add-ons, please refer to this page.

The download through the links on the purchase confirmation page or email is valid for 7 days.

If you want to download an updated version then use the update feature in your WordPress dashboard where the add-on is already installed or get it from your account.

The download links in your account will be removed when your license expired until you renew it.

ZIP-File not downloaded?

The purchase confirmation links to the zip files of the add-on. However, your browser might be set up to not download zip files by default, but to unzip them automatically. You can do one of the following to solve this:

  • use another browser
  • change your browser settings
  • right-click on the link and choose an option like “download target”
  • zip the unzipped folder locally in your system