One rather unknown trick to optimize your ads is to display them based on the age of the post. This basically allows you to either target your faithful readers with specific ads or to hide some ads from them and display more ads to new users who find your content through search engines and tend to produce more clicks.

Whatever your strategy, Advanced Ads allows you to set a condition to display an ad only if the post (or another post type) has a specific age.

You can find this option among the Display Conditions.

Option to display an ad based on post age

You can choose whether to display the ad only when the post is older or younger than a given number of days. In the example below, I choose to display the ad only, if the post is older than 10 days.

option to display an ad based on the post age

This condition can be set to all types of content, so without any further limit, it would also display the ad on pages. In order to show the ad only on posts with a specific age, add a post type condition like in the example below. If you did, you can also inject the ad automatically into the content of your posts using the content placement.

Ad based on content age for posts only

What else you need to know

  • you can also enter float values into the day field, e.g. 0.5 for 12 hours
  • ads might show or hide longer than expected depending on whether you use any caching or not. In case you need a quicker update than your cache is renewed, use our cache-busting.