Display ads either on mobile or desktop

With Advanced Ads, you can define whether an ad can be displayed on all devices, mobile-only or desktop-only.

You don’t have to make any changes in order to display an ad on mobile AND desktop devices.

To display an ad on mobile OR desktop devices only, search for the Visitor conditions meta box and add the Device condition.

Target ads by device
Add the Device condition to target ads, e.g., to mobiles

Once you set up the condition, you can choose whether to display the ad on mobile and tablets or on desktop.

To display the ad on mobile devices, the setting should look like this:

Setting to target ads to mobile devices
Target ads to mobiles devices

To hide the ad on mobile devices (resp. display it on desktop devices), the setting should look like this:

Setting to target ads to desktops
Target ads to desktops

Save the ad settings.

Tablets and Mobile

By default, tablets are included in the Mobile condition. In order to exclude or target them specifically, there is a Tablet visitor condition available in the Responsive add-on.

Tablet condition
Target ads to tablets

Tablet devices will normally be identified as mobile devices.

This option uses the wp_is_mobile() function included in WordPress (Codex). If you are unsatisfied with its functionality, have a look at the function in the WordPress core.

Display ads by browser width

You can set specific device widths for which to display an ad with the help of the Responsive add-on.

Browser width condition
Targeting ads to devices with a specific browser width


This setting does not work properly on cached websites if you don’t use the Cache Busting feature in Advanced Ads Pro.

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