Display ads based on user capabilities

With Advanced Ads Pro, you can display or hide an ad based on the users’ capabilities. This targeting is helpful if you want to display different ads for different user groups, like on membership sites. Or if logged-in users with a specific level should not see an ad.

User capabilities are outstanding in fine-tuning who should see ads across user roles. If you want to display ads based on user roles (e.g., administrator, author), use the User Role visitor condition instead.

You don’t have to make any changes to display an ad to every user. Only use the user capability condition if you want to limit it to some of them.

To display an ad based on the URL, go to the Visitor conditions metabox and add the user can (Capabilities) condition.

User Can (capabilities) visitor condition in Advanced Ads

Targeting ads by user capabilities

Once you add the condition, you can choose the capability a user must have to (not) see the ad.

Be aware that the capabilities are only checked for logged-in users. Therefore, visitors without a login don’t have capabilities (in terms of WordPress).

Targeting ads by user capabilities

You will find a list of the default capabilities in WordPress on Roles and Capabilities. Some plugins add new capabilities. Others instead allow you to change the existing ones.

Example: display ads to authors, contributors, and subscribers only

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