Advanced Ads comes with a variety of options to disable ads. This is an overview.

Remove all ads on your site permanently

The options below allow you to disable some ads or all ads for some users and pages. If you want to remove all ads permanently then please check out Remove ads from WordPress.

Disable ads in the main settings

You can set general rules to disable ads for a lot of pages or visitors in the main plugin settings under Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Disable ads. This includes

  • Disable all ads in the frontend, but keep the plugin working in the backend
  • Disable ads on 404 pages
  • Disable ads on non-singular pages like archives and category pages
  • Disable ads in secondary queries like created by similar posts plugins
  • Disable ads in the RSS feed
  • Disable ads by user role like Administrators or Editors
  • Disable ads for bots (not recommended, see this post)
  • Disable ads for post types like pages or WooCommerce products (comes with Advanced Ads Pro)

These options also apply to the Google Auto ads code added using Advanced Ads.

Disable ads in WordPress

Disable individual ads using conditions

You can disable specific ads for specific pages or page types using the Display Conditions and for specific user groups using the Visitor Conditions on the ad edit screen.

Here are a few examples of conditions you can disable ads for.

Disable all ads on specific post types

If you want to disable all ads globally on a specific post type, please, navigate to Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Disable ads. There, you can choose on which post types ads should not appear.

Disable ads for different post types

Disable all ads on specific pages

Option to disable ads on pages

You can disable all ads on a specific page. Visit the appropriate edit page and find the Ad Settings box either in the document settings or below the main content.

Use these options to disable all ads on that given page or only the automatically injected in the content (available with Advanced Ads Pro)

Disable all ads for specific user roles

Sometimes it is necessary to disable all ads for certain user roles. The fastest way to do this is to use the corresponding option in Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Disable ads.

Disable ads for user roles

Disable Google AdSense Auto ads

The options set in the main settings also apply to Google AdSense Auto ads added by Advanced Ads.

If you manage the Auto ads code in an ad unit code then you can also apply Display and Visitor Conditions to it. Please find details to that setup on this page.