With Advanced Ads Pro you can display ads based on the browser language. This would allow you to display ads for people who understand a certain language only or to even create custom greeting messages.

Display Ads based on Browser Language

You don’t have to make any changes in order to display an ad to every user. Only use this option if you want to limit it to some users.

To display an ad based on the URL, go to the Visitor conditions metabox and add the browser language condition.

ads-by browser language condition

Once you added the condition you can choose the language the browser of the visitor must accept in order to see the ad.

Be aware that the browser language is not tied to the users location. In fact, many browsers accept English by default.

Examples for ads based on the language

Display the ad to people who accept British English.

ads for British English

Display the ad for people who accept German (any country).

ads for German language only