After an advertiser ordered an ad, the following is happening:

directly after the purchase

  • order: is visible in WooCommerce > Orders
  • order status: is on hold / pending (when bank transfer or cash is on delivery)
  • ad: is already created with the name “Order #ORDER_ID”
  • ad status: is “draft”
  • client: receives an email with the link to the ad setup page where he can upload his ads
  • client: receives an email from the store about his purchase (WooCommerce order confirmation)
  • admin: receives an email from the store about the purchase (WooCommerce order confirmation)

submitting ad content

The client can now submit the content of the ad. This is done on a per-ad basis and once he has done that, the following happens:

  • ad status: changed from “draft” to “pending”
  • admin: receives an email about the pending ad so that he can review the content
  • client: can no longer change the ad content

rejecting the ad content

The admin can reject the ad content by changing the ad post status back from “pending” to “draft”.

  • ad status: changed manually by admin from “pending“ to “draft“
  • client: receives an email about the rejection
  • client: can upload new content again

After this step, the process is back to “submitting ad content”.

publishing an ad

When the ad admin publishes an ad using the Publish button which belongs to an order.

  • ad status: changed from “pending“ to “published“
  • client: receives an email about the ad being published
  • ad: is injected into the placement, if one was given

This trigger does not apply when the status is changed from “draft” to “published” directly.

If the placement contains a single ad, this ad will be swapped against the purchased ad. If the placement contains a group, the purchased ad will be injected into that group with a weight of 1.


Processing the payment and order status is independent of the ad setup. When you publish an ad for an unpaid or pending order, it will still be visible.

The triggers above only apply to ads created with orders. Ads not belonging to an order will not send our emails or trigger events when their status changes.

The notifications are sent from the sender address set in your settings, but the client or admin can reply to them directly to reach the other party