Advanced Ads allows you to deliver ads into the RSS/Atom feed of your WordPress site. If you want to place ads in your feed between our posts, please look here.

There are a couple of things you need to understand before displaying ads within feeds:

  • ads in Feeds are disabled by default, go to Advanced Ads > Settings > General to change that.
  • only ads within the post content (either inserted by shortcode or placement) will be injected into the feed
  • cache-busting will not work, rather create specific ad units for the feed
  • Visitor Conditions don’t work at all in feeds
  • Feeds can be cached, so when you make changes to the settings, they will not appear right away

Showing an ad in your post feed

Once you enabled ads in feeds in the general settings, you can find the feeds option in the General Conditions of the Display Conditions of the ad and use that to display or hide the ad in a feed.

Display Conditions with disabled Feed option
Display Conditions with disabled Feed option

Once you enable the Feed condition (blue background), the ad will show up in your feeds as well. Since Visitor Conditions, cache-busting, PHP or JavaScript doesn’t work at all in feeds and the layout of the ad might be influenced by the program or device the feed is viewed in, you might want to create different and simpler ads for feeds from those that are displayed on your own site.