With Advanced Ads Pro you can display or hide an ad to new visitors with just a simple visitor condition. New users are known to be more likely to click on ads, so you can display more ads to them without annoying your existing users. On the other hand, you can also use this option in order to display ads or other content to recurring visitors.

You don’t have to make any changes in order to display an ad everywhere. Only use this option if you want to limit the visitors to which the ad is visible.

To display an ad to new or recurring visitors, go to the Visitor conditions meta box and add the new visitor condition.

ads to new visitor condition

A visitor is “new” if he never made another page request on your site before – at least not before Advanced Ads Pro was activated. Once the visitor loads another page, he is already not a new visitor anymore.

There are two options for you now.

Show an ad to new visitors only

To display the ad only to new users, set up the condition like this.

new visitor option

Show an ad to recurring visitors only

To display the ad to users who made at least one page request before, set up the option like this.

recurring visitor