With the Selling Ads add-on, you can choose if you want to offer your ad space per day, per impressions, per clicks (both with the Tracking add-on) or custom offers. The following manual explains the differences between these modes and how to handle them.

Selling Ads per Day

Option to sell ads per day

When you allow customers to purchase an ad per day, an expiry date will be added to the ad starting when it is published and expiring the number of selected days in the future.

The prices setting in the ad product option might look like this (public label | value | price):

1 day|1|100 5 days|5|400 30 days|30|2000

This means that one day costs 100. But 5 days only cost 400 and 30 days just 2000. You can enter as many lines as choices you want to give the advertisers to choose from.

Selling ads per impressions or clicks

Advanced Ads Selling Add-on

When you have the Tracking add-on enabled, you can also sell ads with a limit on impressions or clicks.

The prices setting in the ad product option might look like this (public label | value | price):

1000 impressions|1000|5.00 10.000 impressions|10000|40.00 100.000 impressions|100000|300.00


1 click|1|1.00 5 clicks|5|4.00 30 clicks|30|20.00

Note: impression or click limits are not updated for every event due to performance reasons. The default interval is 60 minutes, but you can change that in the settings of the Tracking add-on.

Selling ads with custom options (flat)

The flat sales option allows you to practically sell ads under any condition. The main difference to the other sales types is that no limitation is made automatically. For example:

  • you can add different options for each month in the future, but when accepting the purchase, you need to set the start and expiry date manually
  • you can offer different prices for ads on mobile or desktop, but need to set the appropriate visitor condition manually after the purchase

For the sell-per-month example, the price options might look like this (public label | value | price):

November 2016|1116|800 Dezember 2016|1216|1000 Holiday Season 2016|1316|600

The “value” should be different for each option, but has no practical effect.

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