Post Content Injection

The Post Content placement allows you to automatically inject ads into the content of your posts and pages based on paragraphs, headlines, images or any other element on your website. Since ads within the content are the best performing ones, this placement can have a large impact on the ad revenue, if used correctly. Injecting … Read more

Minimum amount of words between ads

The Words Between Ads feature of Advanced Ads Pro can help you spread your ads more evenly across your website and ensure a good balance between content and ads. This can have a positive effect on the bounce rate of your visitors as well as on the click prices of ad networks like Google AdSense.

Post Lists Placement

The Posts Lists placement that comes with Advanced Ads Pro allows you to inject ads between posts on post list pages like home, categories, tags, or any other page with a list of multiple posts. How to inject ads between posts on archive pages You find this placement under Advanced Ads > Placements. Choose the Post Lists placement … Read more

Custom Position Placement

The Custom Position placement that comes with Advanced Ads Pro is excellent if there isn’t any other pre-defined placement for the position you want to inject your ad into. The best part of it is the frontend picker that allows you to select the ad’s position without any coding. This placement also allows you to place a new HTML … Read more

Sidebar Widget

You can display an ad or an ad group through a widget in your sidebar or another widget group. You can find it under Design > Widgets and use it like any other Widget. Drag the widget to the widget area you want to use it in and choose the ad, group, or widget placement that you … Read more

Placements (Overview)

Placements are pre-defined places in your theme and posts that you can use to deliver ads. You can use them to change ads and ad groups in the same place without the need to change your templates. Placement Types Advanced Ads comes with 7 placements. Add-ons provide even more of them. Manual Placement The Manual … Read more

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