Responsive Ads – Documentation

This is the documentation of the Responsive Ads plugin for Advanced Ads. Set up the fallback width In some cases, the plugin might not be able to retrieve the browser width and falls back to an assumed width of 768 px. You can change that fallback width in Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Responsive … Read more

Ad Grids

Create an ad grid with multiple ads and order this block by columns and rows.

Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud is happening when someone clicks on an ad who is not interested in its content, while on the other end, an advertiser is paying for that click. You can imagine that ad networks, like AdSense, or clients who purchase ad space on your site might have a problem with that. We developed the Click Fraud Protection feature to address that issue.

Display ads on AMP pages

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a method to build fast websites, especially for mobile devices. Due to many technical restrictions, displaying ads is not as straightforward as on “normal” websites. We cover the different ways to use and the limitations of ads managed with our Advanced Ads plugin on AMP pages on this page. How … Read more

Tracking – Documentation

See this manual to learn how to set up ad impression and click tracking, email reports, and shareable ad statistics in WordPress.

User Roles and Capabilities

Advanced Ads comes with different capabilities for users to manage ads. You can group them into three types: Managing plugin options Creating and managing ads, groups, and placements Inserting ads into the post content Basic capability setup By default, page admins can do everything. If you select the appropriate option in the plugin settings, editors … Read more

Cache Busting

Caching can improve page speed by serving a static version of a website. But when it comes to ads, there are a few things to keep in mind when using caching because websites often deliver ads dynamically. With Cache Busting, Advanced Ads Pro offers an elegant solution to this problem. This feature becomes necessary on cached websites … Read more

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