Ad Grids

Create an ad grid with multiple ads and order this block by columns and rows.

Tracking – Documentation

See this manual to learn how to set up ad impression and click tracking, email reports, and shareable ad statistics in WordPress.

Display ads based on user role

Advanced Ads Pro recognizes all of the user roles available on your website. By applying the User Role visitor condition to ads or placements, you can fine-tune who will see them.

Post Content Condition

The Post Content display condition allows you to show or hide ads depending on occurring words of the content.

Tracking methods

This page compares the tracking methods of Advanced Ads and explains the differences in the impression tracking of each method.

PopUp and Layer Ads – Documentation

The PopUp and Layer Ads add-on documentation offers an overview of its features and functions. You will also find links to additional in-depth articles and tutorials here. How to display PopUp ads After installing and activating the plugin, you find a new placement at Advanced Ads > Placements with the following icon. Choose this placement and create … Read more

Display ads on AMP pages

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a method to build fast websites, especially for mobile devices. Due to many technical restrictions, displaying ads is not as straightforward as on “normal” websites. We cover the different ways to use and the limitations of ads managed with our Advanced Ads plugin on AMP pages on this page. How … Read more

Geo-Targeting Ads – Documentation

The documentation of the “Geo Location” visitor condition. You can use geo-targeting to display or hide ads for visitors coming from a specific location, i.e. country, city, or continent.

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