When an ad block user visits your site, he might not see the ad you have prepared for them, but instead see a blank spot. This is a challenge all publishers face and therefore it is the most popular feature request for Advanced Ads right now.

I am going to address this issue as soon as possible, but in order to do it right, I wanted to ask you for your feedback regarding two important questions.

Update: Ad Block Feature released

The requested feature to show users with activated ad block alternative ads is complete. It is integrated into Advanced Ads Pro 2.0. Read more about how to deal with ad blockers and learn more about the ad block features of Advanced Ads.

Where to set the alternative content?

Advanced Ads has three structural elements: ads, groups and placements. For a better usability, I will only add the option to enter content displayed to ad block users for one of these structural elements. Which one, is still open for discussion. I only believe that it doesn’t make sense on a group level, since many users don’t actually use or need them, but maybe I am wrong.

Please vote for the level on which you would like to be able to select the content displayed to ad blockers in the following poll:

Where to select the ad blocker content?

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If you have another idea, please share it in the comments below.

Choosing another “ad” or custom input?

The second question is whether there should be a plain input field for the ad blocker content or you want to actually select another “ad” to be displayed, when ad blockers are activated.

Of course, the alternative ad needs to be undetectable, like custom html code or an image not named “banner” or so, but especially when you want to reuse the alternative ad blocker content, this seems to be a flexible option.

Please select your favorite option below:

How would you like to manage ad blocker content?

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If you have another idea, please share it in the comments below.

Please note, that I am only going to accept comments regarding this post. If you have a support question, please contact me through support.


  1. Remy Sheppard

    I’d like to be able to add my own content within a plain text field. If an advertisement is blocked by an ad blocker, I can always replace it with, say, images off of my own server and hyperlinked to amazon.com with an amazon associate hoplink.

    This way, even though it isn’t a true ad, it still has the option to earn me revenue, instead of some silly message about how ads support the site.

    I’m going to be honest, when I see those messages on other sites, I do not care. Not at all.

    I’m a web publisher, I understand the importance of ads, and I still keep my ad blocker on 100% of the time, unless I truly want to support a site. And even then I’d rather buy something from them than see an ad.

    1. Thomas Article Author

      Hi Remy, thank you for your feedback. While I also don’t like to be nagged, every publisher could decide for himself, what he or she is going to display as an adblock alternative. I also like the static-link-to-amazon idea though.

    2. Josua

      Can’t really agree with you in the point where you’re saying you leave your adblocker on all the time and at the same time saying you understand the importance of ads. Where’s the logic? I mean it’s like taking but not giving anything..
      I can understand it if you do not want to be manipulated by ads, but then, what are you doing on the internet? Everyone, who is using the internet -or let’s say websites- and is doing this with an adblocker kinda makes ads more aggressive and stuff for people without adblocker, cause they have to finance the other ones too..
      Sorry for my bad english, I’m a German:D