Values stored in the database

You found the right place, if you want to know which values Advanced Ads stores to the database and how.


Ads are post types and therefore stored in the posts table. The post type stored is advanced_ads.

The options for each ad that are not stored in the posts table can be found in the postmeta table with the meta key advanced_ads_ad_options.

Global Settings

The following settings are stored as options in the options table. You can use the following code (example for advanced-ads option) to retrieve the options.

 <?php get_option( 'advanced-ads', array() ); ?>

In general, options stored by Advanced Ads or one of the add-ons will either start with advads or advanced-ads.


This array contains the global options set by the user on the settings page of the plugin.


This array contains settings set automatically by the plugin, like the version number.


Array with attributes for groups, e.g. group types.


Array with weight of ads belonging to ad groups. Contains ad weights for all ads out there. Updated each time ad weights in ad groups are updated.



Array with positions and ads that get injected automatically into these positions.


Array with all placements and their options.

Post Settings

Information stored in connection with a specific post are stored in the postmeta table with the post id and the meta key _advads_ad_settings. This is an array that contains the following options:

  • disable_ads: if true, ads are disabled for the current post

To retrieve the options, you can use the following code:

$values = get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_advads_ad_settings', true );
// example
$disable_ads = $values['disable_ads'];

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