Changelog of Tracking


  • integrate with TCF 2.0 compatible consent management platforms
  • fix parallel tracking for AJAX cache-busting


  • added deprecation notice for \”track after page loaded\” method


  • marked feature for tracking of events on external sites as deprecated
  • moved certain settings to an Advanced section on the Tracking settings page
  • fixes tracking of impressions in the wrong database table when an ad is used from another site in a multisite network


  • fixed potential theme conflict. Please update to the latest Advanced Ads version as well
  • fixed missing index issue


  • fixed CTR on ad overview list
  • fixed ad stats being summed up as \”Deleted ads\” on the Stats page if they are from another language as set up in the WPML plugin


  • added option to track ads that have a trigger only when they show up (applies to users of the Sticky Ads and PopUp add-ons)
  • prevent browsers from caching the click-tracking redirect
  • decrease height of ad stats graph
  • show click-through-rate on ad overview page
  • fixed bug with Google Analytics tracking + Cache Busting + Lazy Load not tracking reliably