Changelog of Tracking

version 1.20.2

  • marked feature for tracking of events on external sites as deprecated
  • moved certain settings to an Advanced section on the Tracking settings page
  • fixes tracking of impressions in the wrong database table when an ad is used from another site in a multisite network

version 1.20.1

  • fixed potential theme conflict. Please update to the latest Advanced Ads version as well
  • fixed missing index issue

version 1.20

  • fixed CTR on ad overview list
  • fixed ad stats being summed up as \”Deleted ads\” on the Stats page if they are from another language as set up in the WPML plugin

version 1.19

  • added option to track ads that have a trigger only when they show up (applies to users of the Sticky Ads and PopUp add-ons)
  • prevent browsers from caching the click-tracking redirect
  • decrease height of ad stats graph
  • show click-through-rate on ad overview page
  • fixed bug with Google Analytics tracking + Cache Busting + Lazy Load not tracking reliably

version 1.8.18

  • added debug modus under Advanced Ads > Stats > Database management
  • added option to remove stats for deleted ads on the database management page
  • some layout improvements to the graphs
  • prevent ad blockers from breaking AJAX tracking
  • fixed wrong number format in the stats graph

version 1.8.17

  • added debugging logic for report cron, see
  • fixed wrong CTR showing if the value was too low
  • fixed issue not showing stats if only click tracking is enabled
  • fixed bug when sorting stats tables

version 1.8.16

  • allow to attach query string of visited website to the target URL using the `advanced-ads-tracking-query-string` filter
  • added separators to large numbers
  • register warning with Advanced Ads 1.12
  • removed obsolete warning about permalinks
  • don’t track expired ads
  • don’t track ads without a known ad type
  • don’t track LiteSpeed Cache preloader

version 1.8.15

  • prevented a JavaScript error in Safari
  • made the plugin work with the default permalink structure in WordPress, e.g., ?p=123

version 1.8.14

  • use same URL field for Tracking and basic plugin
  • changed headline markup to align with WP accessibility standards
  • added `[AD_ID]` placeholder for target URLs to allow tracking of the ad ID on the target page
  • added `advanced-ads-tracking-do-tracking` filter to disabling tracking based on your own conditions
  • removed unneeded output about tracked ads in the frontend code
  • increase possible size of ad IDs in the database – INT(10) to BIGINT(20)
  • fixed click tracking placeholders also working with Analytics tracking
  • fixed possible missing index issue
  • fixed \”last 30 days\” frontend report showing only the first day of the current month
  • fixed missing values for December 31st (also recursive for 2018)
  • fixed uninstall script
  • updated German translation
  • updated French translation
  • added Italian translation

version 1.8.13

  • added some useful autocomplete attributes
  • force noindex for linkout URLs
  • fixed issue with PHP 7.2 when stats file is being uploaded

version 1.8.12

  • fix typo in Analytics tracking method with anonymizeIP that could break tracking of other information

version 1.8.11

  • use AnonymizeIP by default for Analytics tracking. You can disable it setting the `ADVANCED_ADS_DISABLE_ANALYTICS_ANONYMIZE_IP` constant in wp-config.php
  • never track WP Rocket and WP Super cache preloaders
  • tracking debug: added user agent and changed log file into .csv format
  • allow to set tracking options for a single AdSense ad
  • fixed email reports sent out for un-published ads as well

version 1.8.10

  • fix for Analytics tracking not working at all for very specific setup combination (only noticed on our test sites, no client reported it yet)

version 1.8.9

  • fixes an issue with AJAX tracking method and tracking in combination with passive cache-busting

version 1.8.8

  • set `ADVANCED_ADS_TRACKING_NO_PUBLIC_STATS` constant to not create public stats pages for ads
  • prevent saving Analytics ID with wrong chars
  • prevent sending daily reports if Analytics method is used
  • fixed `set_time_limit` related warning
  • fixed Analytics tracking on multisite if an ad from a sub-blog is used (Pro-feature)

version 1.8.7

  • fixes JavaScript issue on ad edit page when Analytics tracking is used

version 1.8.6

  • show ad stats on single ad page
  • made tracking method descriptions more understandable
  • updated German translation
  • updated French translation

version 1.8.5

  • allow to track impressions or clicks only by default or per ad
  • send ad reports to multiple recipients
  • updated translation files and completed German translation

version 1.8.4

  • introduced \”advanced-ads-tracking-redirect-url\” filter
  • introduced \”advanced-ads-tracking-click-tracking-url\” filter
  • added sum row to reports
  • double check if referrer is set correctly
  • fixed issue with stats returning yesterday numbers for today in some time zones

version 1.8.3

  • made editor tool to swap link with placeholder compatible with CodeMirror
  • updated Spanish translation

version 1.8.2

  • allow sending ad specific reports to multiple addresses
  • introduced constant `ADVANCED_ADS_TRACKING_IGNORE_LOGGED_IN_USERS` to disable tracking for logged-in users
  • removed dynamic attributes, e.g., [POST_SLUG] from URL if link is used directly
  • show warning if ad cannot be opened in a new window due to ad code containing a link

version 1.8.1

  • added action hooks to allow custom content in email reports
  • updated translation files
  • fixed check to open ads in a new window
  • fixed missing index issue

version 1.8

  • spread impressions and clicks over a period when an expiry date is set
  • track ads in PopUps and sticky ads with Analytics method only after they show up
  • moved general option to open links in new window to basic version
  • removed overview widget logic

version 1.7.2

  • enabled tracking debug log using `ADVANCED_ADS_TRACKING_DEBUG` in your wp-config.php
  • moved debug output to db management page
  • removed Memcached support since it seems to never have worked properly
  • removed automatic data compression feature 3 months after we switched from hourly to daily tracking
  • fixed cloned ads using the same stats url as their parent

version 1.7.1

  • fixed issue when cache-busting module (Pro add-on) is disabled

version 1.7

  • never track WP Rocket cache bot
  • added \’advanced-ads-tracking-after-writing-into-db\’ action hook to perform something after tracking an event
  • load JavaScript after JavaScript from cache-busting
  • allow to track \’Footer Code\’ placement

version 1.6.2

  • moved ad specific warnings to new ad notices logic
  • added db management page to list of AA related pages to show issues there
  • added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0 and Sellings Ads
  • fixed for Analytics tracking not recording all impressions on some sites
  • fixed custom period for csv export not working

version 1.6.1

  • added compatibility with reload of ads when screen resizes and Responsive and cache-busting in Pro are installed

version 1.6

  • switched from hourly to daily tracking, no need for (auto) compression anymore
  • renamed \”track bots\” option to prevent misunderstandings
  • fixed WPML breaking linkout urls

version 1.5.3

  • removed restriction on the db engine when creating the tracking table
  • hotfix: disabled auto compression of stats because some users reported too high numbers after an update

version 1.5.2

  • fixed stats in email reports being empty on some PHP versions
  • fixed time error message on some PHP versions

version 1.5.1

  • fixed ad options

version 1.5

  • send individual ad stats reports
  • filter ads by group on stats page
  • updated license handling on uninstall
  • updated Spanish and German translation
  • fixed link to stats on overview page
  • fixed missing script issue
  • fixed Dublicate entry database error

version 1.4.4

  • display click tracking limit option for image ads

version 1.4.3

  • added a check if tables exist on the stats page and option to create them
  • updated jQplot library for graphs
  • fixed occasional errors for duplicate table entries
  • fixed wrong class name for case sensitive systems

version 1.4.2

  • changed default stats view on public stats pages from last month to last 30 days
  • rewrite of link building function to access it statically
  • fix for broken var check for external links
  • fix for daylight saving time change on stats pages
  • fix for Analytics tracking and cache-busting

version 1.4.1

  • removed query strings from tracking urls to fix url changes made by WPML and similar plugins
  • fix for Analytics tracking

version 1.4

  • track impressions and clicks in Google Analytics
  • moved reset stats function to database management page
  • updated text domain and German translation
  • added ad based setting for nofollow option
  • added warning for AdSense ads and click tracking
  • added daily cron job to compress data automatically
  • trim redirect link option
  • display ad stats for expired, pending, and drafted ads
  • fix for one day gap error for some time zones
  • fix for error message when stats tables are empty
  • fix for unusual target link structures
  • fix for scripts not loaded for editor role
  • fix for PHP 7 compatibility