Changelog of Advanced Ads Pro

version 2.0.4

  • allowed to rotate ordered ads with same weight
  • fixed background ad link if Tracking is not enabled
  • fixed background ad style

version 2.0.3

  • allow up to 20 rows in grid settings
  • made compatible WP Rocket’s script defer option without \”Safe mode\” enabled
  • fixed background ad style
  • fixed issue with lazy load and \”Content\” placement
  • fixed issue with group refresh and passive cache-busting when ads have visitor conditions

version 2.0.2

  • add #debug=true to a URL in order to output cache-busting code in the JS console
  • fixed ad shortcode issue
  • fixed rare Click Fraud script issue
  • updated Spanish translation

version 2.0.1

  • fixed conflict between Ad block alternative and group refresh

version 2.0

  • implemented lazy loading
  • implemented click fraud protection
  • implemented alternative ads when an ad block is enabled
  • disabled passive cache-busting if an AA shortcode is placed inside the ad content
  • fixed group refresh option with custom position placements
  • prevent Post List ads in RSS Feeds
  • fix issue when `advanced.js` uses `defer` attribute

version 1.16.1

  • added `advanced-ads-pro-background-selector` filter to customize background selector
  • fixed a bug in passive cache-busting and visitor conditions that was introduced in the previous version

version 1.16

  • only enable group refresh feature when cache-busting is used
  • implemented display condition for paginated posts
  • disabled cache-busting on AMP pages
  • hide WPML condition if WPML is not installed
  • removed overview widget logic
  • added Japanese translation
  • fixed issue when combining multiple visitor conditions and using passive cache-busting

version 1.15.2

  • fixed issue with wrong AMP pages check
  • fixed content length calculation for non-latin texts
  • moved placement tests code into a new module

version 1.15.1

  • handle \’URL parameter\’ display condition correctly when Advanced Visitor Conditions module is disabled
  • add the \’advanced-ads-output-wrapper-after-content-group\’ filter
  • updated translation files

version 1.15

  • updated complete placement and group option handling and layout according to Advanced Ads 1.8
  • changed all condition labels from show/hide to is/is not
  • removed deprecated general minimum content length option from Pro settings – this is an option for placements only now
  • updated all translation files
  • fix reload on refresh feature (Responsive add-on)

version 1.14

  • added ad notice to Group ad type using only AJAX or no cache-busting
  • add group wrapper only if needed
  • add \”Advertisement\” label inside wrapper of the first ad when using groups
  • move empty cache-busting wrapper instead of ad/group wrapper
  • prevent conflict when Autoptimize and NextGen Gallery are used at the same time
  • clear group wrapper when \’Reload ads on resize\’ (Responsive add-on) feature is used
  • fixed url parameter condition using query strings twice
  • fixed placement tests not working when placement name consists only of numbers

version 1.13

  • implemented ad reload logic to reload ad when screen resizes and Responsive add-on is activated
  • fixed issue causing passive-cache busting and layer not to work together

version 1.12.1

  • added check post template conditions to prevent crash on sites running WP version prior to 4.7

version 1.12

  • added template display conditions for every post type (new in WP 4.7)
  • added flexbox for input fields
  • prevent critical JS errors when cache-busting script is missing
  • optimized callback for use of advanced JS file
  • fixed error message when all placements were removed

version 1.11

  • auto refresh of groups considers weight when selecting ads
  • added `advanced-ads-pro-inject-content-selector` filter to manipulate content selector
  • added `blockquote` as condition for content injection placement
  • Above Headline placement code no longer added to archive pages
  • use `ADVANCED_ADS_PRO_CUSTOM_POSITION_MOVE_INTO_HIDDEN` constant to allow injecting ads into hidden elements
  • use cache-busting fallback method for ad-group ad types, because passive cache-busting breaks conditions of sub-ads
  • updated AMP page check to work with WP AMP plugin
  • updated Spanish translation

version 1.10

  • compatibility with Advanced Ads 1.7.15
  • allow to override specific options in functions and shortcodes
  • disabled Url Parameter in Visitor Conditions – use the same Display Condition instead
  • fixed AMP ads not being injected correctly