Changelog of Advanced Ads Pro


  • auto hide all ads after Click Fraud Protection is triggered
  • Click Fraud Protection: use module-wide or individual ad click limit, whichever is more strict
  • prevented displaying some warnings by amp validator
  • integrate with TCF 2.0 compatible consent management platforms


  • added more string compare options to the Cookie visitor condition
  • added BuddyBoss placement to inject ads into the activity stream
  • switched element picker for Custom Position placement when using Advanced Ads 1.19
  • auto-save placement page after parent element was selected for Custom Position


  • backend UI improvements to module activation and date fields
  • prepare for Advanced Ads 1.19
  • removed unneeded debug line from Browser Console
  • fixing incorrect symbols in numeric fields automatically


  • open ads loaded through the Ad Server automatically in a new window to prevent loading the target page in an iframe
  • changed behavior of injection based on img tags to look for any images in the content except within tables
  • Cache busting: made possible to use html attributes that contain JSON strings
  • fixed error that happened when applying Random Paragraph placement to one-paragraph text
  • don\’t take into account the \”Words Between Ads\” setting when inserting a first ad


  • New: Ad Server placement to embed ads on other websites
  • New: show Post List placement on archive pages created by the AMP for WP plugin
  • made placements of type other than \”Header Code\” work with \”Thrive Theme Builder\” theme
  • shift ads from bottom when \”repeat the position\” and \”words between ads\” settings are in use
  • marked Flash module as deprecated. New users can no longer enable it. Find the schedule here
  • removed legacy code for URL Parameter visitor conditions since it moved to display conditions in 2016
  • removed legacy code for minimum content length option as set before 2016 in the main plugin settings
  • disallowed ad insertion into the header of the WP File Manager\’s admin page


  • Group Refresh feature: prevented impression tracking when it is disabled in the Tracking add-on
  • fixed Custom Position placement showing in the footer when selector does not exist
  • fixed broken link in the description of the User Agent condition


  • use Display and Visitor Conditions in placements
  • allow content injection based on iframe tag
  • set minimum amount of words between ads injected into the content
  • show the link to duplicate an ad only when the ad was already saved once
  • moved output of \”Custom Code\” outside the link
  • fixed clearfix option of Custom Position placement
  • fixed wide \’select\’ elements in conditions that broke layout
  • fixed possible bug that prevented Pro settings from being saved


  • added advanced_ads_pro_output_custom_code filter to manipulate the Custom Code option
  • prevented returning default language in the WPML plugin when AJAX cache-busting is used
  • prevented reset of the \”Disable ads for post types\” option when saving Pro settings
  • fix \”Disable ads for post types\” option when using AJAX cache-busting
  • fixed possible PHP warning


  • fixed a minify-related bug that prevented some Custom Position placement from working


  • new feature: duplicate ads
  • load group name to Cache Busting code as per request by a customer