WPAds alternative and how to migrate

WPAds was one of the first free plugins for managing ads on WordPress sites. Many webmasters are still using this tiny tool. Even though we took over its support and fixed major bugs, the plugin features are outdated and will not receive updates any longer. To ensure the functionality and the security of your website, you … Read more

Ads and security

Advanced Ads is restrictive about who can manage ads on your site. By default, this is only the admin. However, allowing all kinds of codes in the Plain Text ad type is still a risky business if you just copy and paste ad codes from external sources. I wanted to use this article to give … Read more

How to add the Facebook Pixel to WordPress

Facebook’s retargeting technology helps you to track conversions and build custom audiences to better target your Facebook ads. To get started, you need to implement the Facebook Pixel to your website. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to do that in WordPress using Advanced Ads. Create and get the Facebook Pixel The … Read more

Lazy Loading ads in WordPress

Lazy loading is a technology to prevent those objects on a website from getting loaded before they appear in the visitor’s visible area. This trick keeps the loading time of a website at a minimum and improves its performance. This concept is widespread in handling images. We developed a feature to provide a deferred loading … Read more

Displaying Ads with WPBakery Page Builder

The WPBakery page builder is one of the most popular premium page builders for WordPress. No wonder that I receive many requests on how to use ads, and especially AdSense ad units, directly within the WPBakery interface. Until now, the simple solution was to use a shortcode from an ad, group, or placement created with … Read more

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