How to embed ads into your Beaver Builder website

Advanced Ads is excellent for integrating banners or ads from networks like Google AdSense into websites created with Beaver Builder.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to embed these ads manually into your posts, pages, and templates using the Beaver modules. We’ll also show you how to automatically insert ads into your website content using Advanced Ads Placements.

Using the Advanced Ads widget to integrate ads in Beaver Builder

There are several ways to insert ads into your Beaver Builder website.

With the Beaver Builder, you can easily drag and drop all Beaver Builder modules and WordPress widgets to the desired positions in the layout of your posts and pages.

If you want to add ads to your page in this way using the Beaver Builder interface, you first need to change the selection of modules from the default modules to the WordPress widgets in the Edit view. 

Switching from Beaver Modules to WordPress widgets
Change the module selection from the default Beaver modules to the WordPress widgets

After that, you will immediately see the Advanced Ads widget.

Please select it and add it to the desired place on your page.

Integrating AdSense in Beaver Builder
See the Advanced Ads widget and add it to your page

The widget allows you to select the following items in a dropdown menu:

  • ads
  • ad groups
  • Manual placements
  • Sidebar widget placements

After you have selected an item, the ad will immediately appear in the Page Builder interface. This behavior gives you an immediate impression of how this ad will later fit into your layout.

Embedding ads in Beaver Builder

Tip: Choose Manual Placements in the widget

Still, especially if you edit many subpages with the Beaver Builder where you place different ads, an ad setup with directly embedded ads or ad groups can quickly become confusing. It’s harder to maintain than if you manage it centrally.

That’s why we recommend using Manual placements or Sidebar Widget placements for effective ad management instead of manually embedding single ads or ad groups. You can assign ads or ad groups to both placement types.

The advantage of using placements over directly inserted ads or ad groups is that you can overview your entire ad setup from the placements page (Advanced Ads > Placements).

You can change your settings there at any time. Besides, placements allow you to use additional features like Lazy loading or the Anti-AdBlocker module of Advanced Ads Pro

Options for Manual placements
Using placements allows you to enable additional features like Lazy loading or alternative ads for AdBlocker users

If you enable Beaver Builder Pro, you can save page templates. These templates can include the Advanced Ads widget as well.

Auto-inject ads into your Beaver Builder website using Advanced Ads Placements

But how do you include your ad units into your entire website’s content without editing every single post? 

For this purpose, Advanced Ads provides Placements. You can use these predefined places in your website to let Advanced Ads deliver ads. 

The seven placements provided by the free Advanced Ads plugin are fully compatible with Beaver Builder. Use them to automatically show ads before the content, in the middle of the content, or after the content.

Advanced Ads basic placements
Use placements to automatically inject ads into your website

Advanced Ads Pro and add-ons like Sticky Ads or PopUp and Layer Ads greatly expand the choice of available placements.

For example, you can place ads precisely in the middle of the content, after a random paragraph, or before the headline. Or you use anchor ads, Background ads, or PopUp ads to make your ads generate more attention.

All these premium placements are also compatible with Beaver Builder. They come bundled with the All Access license.

Advanced Ads all placements
Advanced Ads Pro and the add-ons extend the available placements enormously

Inject ads between Posts on your Beaver Builder website

The Posts Lists placement allows you to inject ads between listed posts or their post previews on archive pages. This includes the category, tag, or author pages and the homepage in many cases. 

Beaver Builder is fully compatible with the Post Lists placement. 

In this video, you will see how easy it works.

Using Beaver Builder Pro, you will find a separate “Posts” module among the standard modules. With this module, you can insert such post lists also into single pages.

Choosing the Post Lists placement, you can also inject ads into this kind of post lists embedded with Beaver Builder. To ensure that the ads appear between these posts, enable the “Secondary Loops” option in the related Post Lists placement settings.

Enabling the placement in secondary loops
Enable the Secondary Loops option to show ads in post lists embedded with Beaver Builders Post module

Integrating Google AdSense into Beaver Builder

Advanced Ads allows the effortless integration of Google AdSense ads into your website built with Beaver Builder. Thanks to Advanced Ads’ deep AdSense integration, you can:

AdSense Earnings Report in WordPress Backend
Connect your website with your AdSense account and benefit from deep integration, e.g., reports in the backend

Joachim started marketing his first local news website in 2009. Shortly after, he successfully monetized his travel blogs about Morocco. He is an expert in affiliate marketing in the tourism and travel industry. When he's not writing tutorials for Advanced Ads or supporting other users, he prefers staying in Marrakech or at the Baltic Sea.

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