Advanced Ads version 1.6 comes with a lot of updates under the hood that make the plugin faster and a lot of cool upcoming features possible. However, even after a lot of tests I wanted to ask you to keep an eye open for bugs that I might have missed.

I also wanted to use this update notice for inform you about fixes that might cause some changes you should be aware of.

In case you run into any problems with the update, please contact me through support.

Fixes for ordered ad groups

When playing around with an advanced setup using ad groups I noticed that the ad weight used for ordered ad groups was used in reverse order. Someone told me already in the past, but back then I wasn’t able to confirm it.

If you are using the ordered ads type of groups then please check if the order of the ads now starts with the highest ad weight and not the lowest.

I also fixed a bug where ads with 0 ad weight were displayed for the ordered ads type. A 0 ad weight should now hide the ad from the output.

Unlimited Ad Injection

The ad injection placements (e.g. if you want to display an ad after the first paragraph of each post) was injecting ads only on the main content of single pages in order to not display ads on places like recommended posts or even for invisible meta descriptions.

However, for some of you my check also prevented the ads from showing in normal posts, mostly because the themes used some – from my point of view – weird way of loading it. To reduce my need for support I added an option to the plugin that now allows you to switch off the check for content injections.

You can find the option under Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Unlimited ad injection.

If you disable this option, you will also see ads in posts on archive pages (unless you disable this on the display conditions screen). It might also cause conflicts of different kind, depending on the theme and plugins you are running. If ad injection still doesn’t work properly then you can hire me to take a look and adjust your theme or setup.

If ads don’t show up

Not within the plugin, but still good to know is the support page I created with solutions if your ads are not showing up. It would really help me a lot if you’d take a look at Ads not showing up? before contacting me for help.

Slider Demo

A lot of you asked me for a demo of the ad slider. Just wanted to let you know that it is now available on the Slider add-on page.