I made a couple of updates to Advanced Ads version 1.6.9. Find the most interesting new features below.

AdSense Page-Level Ads

It took AdSense almost 2 years to find an approach to monetize the increasing number of mobile devices. They call their implementation of anchor ads and interstitials just Page-Level Ads.

Page-Level Ads are not yet available in every AdSense account, but if you have access to them (check My Ads > Content > Page-Level Ads) then you can now easily integrate them with an option I added to Advanced Ads 1.6.9.

If you are interested to find out more about Page-Level ads then read my test.

Hours and Minutes in Expiry Date

A bug report about the sometimes wrong calculation of the Expiry Date extended to a new feature. I added hours and minutes to the expiry date, so that you can fine tune your campaigns.

Common issues on Support Page

The Support page of Advanced Ads in your WordPress dashboard now lists potential issues. I hope that this will decrease the number of support requests for problems with cache or AdBlockers. I even added the ad blocker warning on multiple pages in the dashboard.

There were a lot of minor changes and bugfixes too, but I don’t want to bore you with them here.

Close Button for ads

I added an optional close button to all placements coming with the Sticky add-on. With the timeout option you can also add a period for which the ad stays hidden to the current visitor.

Center Ads vertically

Another new option for vertical sticky ads like left or right sidebar enables you to center an ad vertically on the screen. I saw many users struggle with this so I added it to the add-on.

Pro: Fixed issues with Cache-Busting

If you are using Advanced Ads Pro then you should also update to the latest version. I fixed a couple of conflicts with other plugins or themes.