With Advanced Ads version 1.5.4 the handling of visitor conditions became more consistent, flexible, and hopefully easier to use too. The old settings will still work for a while, but I would suggest to switch as soon as possible.

Before the update, the visitor conditions of an ad might have looked like this:

previous visitor conditions example

After the update, the same setup looks like this:

new visitor conditions example

It is not just a change to the interface, but also added some important ideas:

  • you don’t see options that are not used
  • you don’t have to make any decisions, if you don’t use visitor conditions
  • you can combine options with AND and OR conditions
  • it became a lot easier for developers to add custom visitor conditions

In the example above you see the mobile device condition and the browser width condition added by the Responsive add-on.

The example states that the visitor must either have a browser width below 767 pixels or must be on a mobile device to see the ad.

You could also combine conditions of the same type like a browser width above 480 with one saying a browser width below 767 and so target specific browser ranges like small tablets.

There are more visitor conditions to come in the future.

Please update

Please update to Advanced Ads 1.5.4. Your previous settings are not converted to the new settings automatically but will also work for some time in the future. However, I am only going to fix issues with the new visitor conditions now and would advise to switch as soon as you can.

Users of the Responsive add-on, please also update to version 1.2.1.