In the last weeks, we received many emails from users reporting AdSense ads appearing randomly on their sites. Some even disabled Advanced Ads and still saw those ads. Either way, in all cases the irritation was not caused Advanced Ads, but a major change in AdSense. However, there is something we did about this anyway.

AdSense QuickStart warning by Advanced Ads
The blue message was added by Advanced Ads to inform ad managers about automatically placed ads on your site.

Automatic ads with QuickStart

In early 2017, AdSense introduced QuickStart, a feature that placed AdSense ads automatically on websites. This move should have made the job of webmasters much easier, but caused a lot of confusion when ads appear in less optimized positions.

For new AdSense accounts, QuickStart is enabled by default and since it is placed through the verification ad tag, which is also identical to the page level ad tag, it is easy to bring this to your website without knowing.

While it is yet too early to say whether this feature is a benefit for publishers or a manual optimization of ad positions works better, using both options will only cause problems, since there might be too many ads on your site.

Personally, we believe that placing the ads manually is a better basis for optimizing them, especially when you can split test for positions.

QuickStart warning in Advanced Ads

In version 1.7.26 of Advanced Ads we added a warning below all ads placed automatically with QuickStart – see the image on top of this article. This warning is only visible to logged in ad managers!

In our experience, users who install and run Advanced Ads usually intend to control the position of their ads and running QuickStart ads and your own positions can cause conflicts.

However, if you feel irritated by this warning you can disable all AdSense warnings in Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense.

How to disable QuickStart?

In case you don’t want to see these ads on your site, you have different methods to remove them.

Disable the QuickStart option

You could just go to your AdSense account and search for My Ads > Page-level ads in the main menu. When QuickStart is available for your account then you will find the appropriate option there and can disable it.

There could be a short delay until the ads no longer appear.

Remove the ad code

Whether you still have the AdSense verification code enabled or you placed the Page-level ads code into the header of your site, since they are identical, you could remove it in order to also remove QuickStart.

When you added this code with Advanced Ads then just go to Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense and disable the Activate Page-Level ads option.

This would also remove Page-level ads from your site, if you use them. Manually placed ad units are of course still going to work.

If ads still appear then please flush the cache of your website, if you are using one, and make sure the AdSense verification tag or Page-level ads code was not placed with another method, e.g. directly into your theme, through a theme option or another plugin.

What else?

Established accounts should not even see the QuickStart feature. If there are still AdSense ads in random placements and you are using Advanced Ads then please reach out to us for help.