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Turn ordinary ads into captivating experiences. Enhance user engagement and revenue by displaying ads or really any content in interactive layers and pop-ups.

The Popup ads feature empowers you to breathe life into your advertisements, taking them beyond conventional placements. With the PopUp and Layer ads add-on, you wield the power to:

  • Choose from an array of positions for your popup ads, granting you the freedom to experiment.
  • Implement parameters based on time or user interaction. For instance, you can elegantly fade an ad after a specific time or trigger it after a visitor has scrolled a certain distance.
  • Control how often your layer ads appear to the same visitor and set up frequency capping.

Yet, popup and layer ads go beyond mere advertisements. They serve as a versatile canvas for more than just ads; they become an instrument for crucial information, subscription forms, or any content that commands your visitors’ attention.

Picture the possibilities! Captivate your audience, provide vital information, and drive action, all while maintaining control over your ad revenue and ensuring a seamless website experience.

The PopUp and Layer Ads add-on is part of All Access

Making your ads stand out with Popup and Layer Ads is only a small feature of the full Ad Toolbox that is Advanced Ads All Access. You’ll also receive Advanced Ads Pro, Tracking, the Google Ad Manager Integration, AMP Ads, Sticky Ads, and Selling Ads.

Single site

ad toolbox for small businesses

5 sites

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20 sites

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PopUp and Layer Ads

+ 7 essential add-ons

  • Advanced Ads Pro
  • Tracking
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Sticky Ads
  • Ad Slider
  • AMP Ads
  • Selling Ads

Prices include updates and support for one year, excluding VAT. You may cancel at any time. See pricing page for details.

Top features

Sticky and PopUp ads

Layered display

Elevate your ads by displaying them as interactive layers above your content. Grab users’ attention and boost engagement.

Trigger ads based on user actions

Interaction-based triggers

Trigger ads after user interactions, such as scrolling. Show relevant content precisely when users need it.

Time-based parameters

Time-based parameters

Set delays and timeouts for ad displays. Control when and for how long ads appear.

Background overlay

Background overlay

Add optional background overlays to create visual impact and focus on your ads.

Display effects

Display effects

Choose from a variety of captivating show, fade, and slide effects to make your ads stand out.

Customizable Close Button

Customizable close button

Enhance user experience by allowing users to close ads with a customizable close button.

Easy to set up

Seamless setup

Follow easy-to-understand instructions for a smooth and hassle-free ad setup.

Flexible positions

Flexible positioning

Place pop-ups at different positions on your website for optimized visibility.

Multifunctional use

Multifunctional use

It’s not just about ads! Display essential information, subscription forms, or other content to engage your visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

The All Access pass is by far the best deal and includes all available tools and functions, including PopUp and Layer Ads, Tracking, and Sticky Ads.

You need a license activation for each website. Activations on staging sites don’t count towards your limit if they meet the requirements for test sites.

In a multisite network, you can install and activate our add-ons on as many component sites as your license has activations left. Learn more about Advanced Ads on multisites.

Yes, you can always upgrade to All Access from any add-on, from a lesser to a larger number of sites, or switch to our long-term deal. You will only pay the difference between what you’ve already paid and the price of the new package. Read more about upgrades.

Advanced Ads can only be installed on WordPress sites where you are able to install plugins freely.

However, you can use the ad server feature or the REST API to deliver ads from a WordPress website to non-WordPress websites.

We’re happy to offer refunds within 30 days of your initial purchase. There are no other conditions or hidden policies—just let us know, and we’ll process your refund immediately. You can find more information about our refund policy here.

PopUp and Layer Ads FAQ

Yes, you can set limits on how often the popup appears to users using frequency capping options. This allows you to control the number of times the popup is displayed to the same user within a specific period.

Yes, the PopUp and Layer Ads Add-On offers an optional background overlay for the popup. This feature allows you to create a visually appealing and attention-grabbing effect, ensuring that the popup stands out and captures the user’s attention effectively.

From the Google policy side, you can use the PopUp and Layer Ads add-on on your website together with AdSense, but you are not allowed to display AdSense ads within a popup. Google AdSense policies do not permit displaying ads in popups but in sticky formats.

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