Geo Targeting


With Geo Targeting, you can display ads based on the geolocation of the visitor, e.g. continent, country, or city. You can configure your ads to be shown only to visitors from specific locations. Conversely, you can, of course, also set up your ads not to be shown to users from selected regions.

With the Geo Targeting add-on by Advanced Ads, you can make your ads more relevant to your visitors. Regionally adapted advertisements are more interesting for visitors and might raise your click rates as well as your visitor’s website experience.

This plugin is part of the All Access offer.

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This offer includes priority updates and email support with friendly help and in-depth troubleshooting for one year.


  • adds a visitor condition to select the geolocation a visitor must come from in order to see / not see an ad
  • target visitors by country
  • target visitors by region/state
  • target visitors by city
  • target visitors by continent
  • bulk target visitors from the European Union
  • target visitors in a given radius around a location
  • uses GeoLite2 data by MaxMind
  • enter city or region names in up to 8 languages
  • support and updates for 1 year, unlimited usage afterward

Please use cache-busting in Advanced Ads Pro on cached websites.


The plugin provides an additional visitor condition that lets you select countries, continents, regions, or cities.

Ad get targeting option


The documentation of Geo Targeting offers an overview of the features and functions of the plug-in. You will also find links to additional in-depth articles and tutorials.


If you have troubles installing or using Geo Targeting, our support team is here to help. As a customer, you get priority email support and updates for one year.


The Geo Targeting add-on requires the GeoLite2 databases provided by MaxMind. Advanced Ads can connect with MaxMind and download the databases automatically for you. All you need is a free license key from MaxMind.

*Prices excluding tax