Advanced Ads Pro helps professional and large websites to optimize their ad setup with highly advanced features.


  • Cache-busting (allows dynamic features for websites with cache, 2 different methods offered)
  • Upload and use Flash files with fallback for devices that don’t support flash
  • Test placements against each other
  • Limit ad to display only once per page
  • Refresh ad without reloading the page
  • Create ad grids from grouped ads (e.g., block with 2×3 ads)
  • Inject ads into content not using the the_content filter
  • List current delivered ads in the admin bar in the frontend
  • Select ad-related user role for individual users (ad admin, ad manager and ad user)
  • Support and updates for 1 year, unlimited usage afterwards

More Placements

  • Pick any position for the ad in your frontend
  • Inject ad between posts on posts lists, e.g. home, archive, category
  • Inject ads based on images, tables, containers, list elements, blockquotes and any headline level in the content
  • Ads on random positions in posts (fighting ad blindness)
  • Ads above the main post headline
  • Ads in the middle of a post
  • Use an HTML tag to place ads everywhere where HTML is possible (e.g., theme options)
  • Set a mimimum content length before content injections are happening
  • Rotate or test placements
  • Prevent all automatic ad injections on a specific page
  • Dedicated placements for bbPress and BuddyPress
  • Show ads from another blog in a multisite
  • Background Ads placement

Advanced Display and Visitor Conditions:

  • Display ads based on the previous visited url (referrer)
  • Display ads based on the user agent (browser or device)
  • Display ads based on url parameters (e.g., affiliate links)
  • Display ads based on user capability
  • Display ads based on the browser language
  • Display ads based on number of previous page impressions
  • Display ads based on number of ad impressions per period and user (frequency capping)
  • Display ads to new or recurring visitors only
  • Display ads based on a set cookie, i.e. if he is subscribed to the newsletter
  • Display ads based on a page template
  • Display ads based on the day of the week

Additional Plugin support

  • Support for Autoptimize plugin
  • Dedicated placements for bbPress
  • Dedicated placements for BuddyPress
  • Display Condition for WPML languages
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Large and professional websites need to be fast and caching is one way to boost your website’s speed. However, since cache saves static versions of your websites, some dynamic features like ad rotations in groups, ads by browser width or mobile device don’t work properly. The solution to this is to make an exception for the ad request.

The cache-busting feature in Advanced Ads Pro was developed with large websites in mind, has a minimal impact on the server performance and can even be disabled for ads that don’t need it.

Cache-busting in a nutshell:

  • choose between two methods, passive and ajax cache-busting
  • works with any kind of cache provided by plugins or your hosting
  • very low impact on the performance
  • can be enabled only for the placements that need it
  • can disable automatically if not needed

You can learn more about cache-busting in the manual.


ad placements in pro

additional placements:

  • pick any position for the ad in your frontend
  • inject ad between posts on posts lists, e.g. home, archive, category
  • ads on random positions in posts to fight ad blindness
  • ads above the main post headline
  • ads in the middle of a post
  • Background Ads

Plus an option to set a minimum length of posts before an ad is injected.

Advanced Visitor Conditions

There are multiple additional visitor conditions that allow you to fine tune who should be able to see ads and when. There are extended use cases for this, here are just some examples of what you are able to accomplish:

  • show ads to visitors from search engines (e.g., Google)
  • show ads to direct visitors
  • show ads to visitors that come from partner sites / affiliate programs
  • show ads in specific browsers only

Flash files

Advanced Ads Pro adds a new ad type dedicated for flash files (.swf). After selecting this ad type for an ad you can set the url to the flash file or select it from the media gallery, enter any code that will be displayed if flash is not supported and select the size of the ad.

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