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Geo Targeting

Run campaigns based on the geo location of your visitor. Use geo targeting by country, city, region or continent.

Creating and displaying your first ad

This tutorial will show you how you can create and display your first ad on your website. Getting started Ads are the content you want to display, such as a banner ad, a text link, or a JavaScript-based ad code, e.g., from Amazon or Google AdSense. Ad groups are handy if you want to display … Read more

Recommended Ad Networks

In more than 10 years as publishers and developers of Advanced Ads, we have tested and integrated many ad networks. We have seen only a few networks thrive, and a lot more vanish entirely. The following page contains ad networks that we have seen working for us or some of our users. Our main criteria … Read more

Ad Types

The ad type defines specific features of an ad that bases on input and output. Find below a description of the current ad types.

How our user Peer built an AdSense alternative with affiliate links

Peer Wandiger from Germany is an experienced publisher who is specialized in building niche websites, which he monetizes with various advertising strategies. With Advanced Ads, he has created a powerful ad setup that brings him more income than he gained with AdSense.

Ad Templates

On this page, you will find different ad templates that show you certain features of Advanced Ads and get you started quickly.

Make it better

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